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25 Jul 2016
J-POD REF : 8318
Chilled Out Radio (best of 2016 Vol 1)
Hosted by: Airsmash
Type: Recorded Live Show |  Size: 57.00 MB  |  Downloads: 836
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messed up some volumes early in the set

L PLUS                      Creature Must Die                    
LEAF                        Monsoon                              
L33                         Clublife                             
SEGMENT/CONCEPT VISION      Charge                               
AGRESSOR BUNX               Time Shift                           
Emperor                     Foxholes                             
L33                         Zealot                               
Current Value               Footwork                             
NYMFO                       Pitchfork                            
Coppa                       Calling You                          
AGRESSOR BUNX               The Order                            
The Prototypes              Redose (InsideInfo Remix)            
Agressor Bunx               Infinity                             
Dossa & Locuzzed, NC-17     Ninja                                
The Upbeats                 Dr. Kink                             
Emperor                     I Was                                
Smooth                      Eraser                               
Dimension                   Automatik (Radio Edit)               
Annix                       What You Know                        
Benny L                     Lava                                 
SIGNAL                      Indirect                             
NEONLIGHT                   Triple B                             
Annix                       Paper (feat. Gumster)                
T>I                         Changes                              
SPECTREM                    Shaolin                              
Technimatic                 Side Hustle                          
Fred V & Grafix             Ultraviolet                          
Logistics                   Okinawa                              
Trifonic & Nymfo            Lies (Nymfo remix)                   
Eastcolors/Nami             Times                                
Joe Ford                    Ionize                               
Delta Heavy                 White Flag VIP                       
Maduk                       Never Give Up                        
Netsky                      Rio (feat. Digital Farm Animals)     
Loadstar                    Lifeline                             

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