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Movies round up vol 1
#1 :: Post by ABV on January 21 2011 09:54:24
Well myself n JK seem to get through the movies every week. So here's a brief round up:

Big Tits Zombies
- Japanese movie. No idea where hell she got this one from, but all Im gonna say is when a stripper turns into a zombie demon and her pussy sprouts messed up fangs and breaths fire.. u know your in for some kinda treat. Warning tho, seriously bad and seriously cheesy.. UBER cheesy. Japanese language, english subtitles.

Season of the Witch
Having seen the trailer with Nick Cage, wasnt expecting a great deal considering the time period. And lets face it, Nick Age in Medieval getup.. slightly weird.. But in actual fact turned out to be a pretty good movie. We'll have to watch it again though just to make double sure Smile

Dead Undead
When we popped this one on, we both originally thought this was gonna be another lame assed cheesy pile of mess. But we were both pleasantly suprised to find a half decent movie with a pretty unique plot. Vampire Zombies anyone? Oh yes! Vampire Zombies! Get it, see it, witness it. Great fun.

Sci-fi / alien, monster mashup. Xmas eve and all is well... Well actually no it isnt. Tremors throughout the day lead to the power of an apartment building going on and off. Its not until one messed up alien decides to crash one apartment having a xmas bash resulting in hysteria, gun shots and a little fear... Sounds a bit crap, but honestly worth a watch if you can. Key Scene - Young Kid gets totally munched on early on in the movie.

I can't think of what else we watched, Im sure JK can fill in the rest.. Untill next time crack addicts....

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#2 :: Post by Eternal Quest on January 21 2011 11:55:59
Dear God nearly chocked to death with laughter just from

Well myself n JK seem to get through the movies every week. So here's a brief round up:

Big Tits Zombies

Eternal Quest
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#3 :: Post by JK on January 23 2011 20:36:09
On the bill last night was another great little gem called:

Let Me In

It centered around a young scrawny boy named Owen and the bizarre new girl next door, Abby. Owen comes from a broken family and lives with his seemingly drunk mother. He was often bullied by 3 boys at school. Abby had a talent for appearing out of nowhere and never wearing shoes despite the wintery scene setting. Shortly after her arrival in town a spat of mysterious deaths intrigue the local police. They have no clue as to who may be committing these heinous acts. Owen and Abby grow closer throughout the film, very reminiscent of young puppy love. Abby loses her "father" after he meets with an untimely end at his own hands. Its then Owen learns her secret, Abby has been a 12 year old girl for a very long time due to her being a vampire.

I was again expecting this to be on the cheesy side of things ( I seem to have great talent for finding them ) but it was a very good film. It was awesome to see some little girl devouring full grown adults.

Other recently watched films my better half couldnt recall:


Guy goes off hiking/caving on his own in the Nevada desert. He falls down a chasm and his hand gets stuck under a big rock. The film follows his experience of being stuck down there and the extremes he went through to survive. Based on a true story, I thought it would be a rather boring film but I was pleasantly surprised. The stellar acting def made it worth the watch.


Again when I saw this I thought how entertaining could some guy buried in a box in Afghanistan be? But with a few good reviews decided to give it chance. I was once more surprised with great acting making it a very enjoyable film. An American Trucker working on contract to deliver supplies is kidnapped and buried alive in the Afghan desert with a few key items, flashlight, cell phone, pocket knife, and a zippo lighter. He tries desperately to reach out to the American government and the company that contracted him for help but bureaucracy does not save the day.

Welcome to the Rileys

This one stars James Gandolfini and Kristen Stewart. A rather unlikely pairing in my opinion. Gandolfini plays a middle aged married man, rather successful in business but his mariiage is in shambles. His wife is a basket case that hasnt left the house in the 2 years after their daughters death. He goes to New Orleans for a business convention and ends up in a strip club where a young woman (Stewart) is doing her best to get him up in the private rooms. After a group of his colleagues comes in he hurries up with her but declines any offers of dances or more. It appears she reminds him of his dead daughter and sets his mind to trying to save her. He calls his wife to tell her he is staying down there for a while. She overcomes her fear of leaving the house and drives down to him. Together they try and get the girl on the right path but she wants none of it. Not usually the kind of stuff we watch, but it had "Tony Soprano" in it so i thought id give it a shot and glad I did.

Haunted Hchangi

Super cheesy documentary style movie about an infamous local hospital in Singapore. It follows the demise of the production crew in a fairly predictable manner. The audio is in English but the way they speak it barely sounds like it. Was hoping for more from this one.

Jack Goes Boating

Another one we normally wouldnt watch but anything with Philip Seymour Hoffman is generally good. We weren't disappointed. It follows Jack ( Hoffman), a rather afraid of life, socially inept man working as a limo driver for his uncle. He seems to have 1 friend in the world, his co worker Clyde. Together they go through a myriad of love, loss and change. Clyde and his wife Lucy invite Jack and one of her co workers Connie for a dinner date. Jack and Connie are 2 peas in a pod and Clyde and Lucy help them through their blossoming relationship. A great story of life, love and friendship in a world where its all too often lacking.

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#4 :: Post by JK on January 28 2011 06:00:43
k some to deffo miss

Chain Letter
300 kill

the most decent one of late was Goblin, a syfy channel made for tv movie. Its centered around a long time curse on a small town which see mortal peril to any children ( or any one brave nuff to outside on halloween it seems) due to events at an old town custom of purifying unclean things with fire, malformed children included...

Also watched was the I Spit on Your Grave remake.. not bad if gang rape and the ensuing revenge are your kinda thing hehehe

Not movies but the How Drugs Work series has proven interesting eps 1- marijuana eps 2 Ecstacy eps 3 cocaine. This one looks more at what this stuff does to your body and how they work then the legal ish most drug docs are about.

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#5 :: Post by Dinde on January 28 2011 19:31:52
I watched How Drugs Work, they only invited crazy (fucked up) people to talk about it !

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